An Analysis of the vBulletin 5.x Remote Code Execution Exploit

vBulletin is a commercial Internet forum software package, boasting tens of thousands of users which are growing rapidly worldwide. It is written in the PHP web language and uses the MySQL database. Owing to its large user base, vBulletin is frequently reported to have vulnerabilities. In NSFOCUS Vulnerability Database (NSVD), there are 49 entries related to vBulletin, most of which are SQL injection vulnerabilities. The vulnerability disclosed this time is of a relatively high risk level, known as remote code execution (RCE). Theoretically, an attacker can exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code or even take complete control of a forum that uses this program.


vBulletin 是一个商用的论坛程序套件,在全球拥有数万用户且增长速度很快。该论坛采用PHP Web语言及MySQL数据库。正是由于其用户较多,其漏洞出现频率较高,在绿盟科技漏洞库(NSVD)中共有[49条记录][1],大部分是SQL注入漏洞。此次漏洞等级较高,为远程代码执行漏洞(RCE),理论上说攻击者可执行任意代码,甚至完全控制论坛 。

Attack Chain-based Threat Aware System

With the network threat forms becoming more and more diversified and complex and challenges from advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks, new-generation threats spread more quickly on a larger scale, covering mobile devices, desktops, networks, web, applications, and social networks. In the new normal situation, it is far from enough for customers to obtain threat information only from traditional network intrusion prevention system (NIPS) and network intrusion detection system (NIDS) devices, and professional, systematical, and intelligent devices are becoming really crucial. In particular, with the development of the Internet and improvement of user experience requirements, network threat behaviors should be detected through big data analysis to show customers the entire dynamic attack process intuitively.







Xcode 是苹果公司开发的编程软件,是开发人员进行苹果电脑及手机程序开发的工具。根据斯诺登提供的资料,美国政府研究人员创建了一个特殊版本的Xcode,希望借此将监控后门植入到手机应用程序APP中,并通过苹果应用商店App Store散发。(该信息引自百度百科等词条)

SYNful Knock, a New Backdoor Targeting Cisco Routers

How many people and companies use Cisco routers? You do not need to be a system integration engineer to know the specific figure. Baidu will tell you the answer. Do you panic when knowing that a backdoor targeting Cisco routers may affect most models? An experienced network administrator knows that the firmware of routers is not frequently upgraded. Once an attacker gets the knack of exploiting such backdoors, he or she can use them against those routers in a long time. Are you scared of that?


新型思科路由器后门SYNful Knock

新型思科路由器后门SYNful Knock







分析及防护:Win10 执行流保护绕过问题

分析及防护:Win10 执行流保护绕过问题

Black Hat USA 2015正在进行,在微软安全响应中心公布的最新贡献榜单中,绿盟科技安全研究员张云海位列第6位,绿盟科技安全团队(NSFST)位列28位,绿盟科技安全团队(NSFST)常年致力于发现并解决计算机以及网络系统中存在的各种安全缺陷。这篇《Windows 10执行流保护绕过问题及修复》是团队在此次大会上分享的主要内容