Discussion on Designing a Security Incident Response System

As security events emerge in an endless stream, we have realized that only deploying intrusion detection devices and firewalls is hardly enough to constitute a satisfactory enterprise security system. Also, the enterprise security team often finds it more difficult to effectively control the increasingly complicated security situation. Traditional security products generate huge amounts of alert logs, checking of which wears security teams down. Meanwhile, security researchers put forward many a model that centers on data collection, data analysis, and response policies. 阅读全文 “Discussion on Designing a Security Incident Response System” »



而作为对于PHP SESSION序列化机制不怎么了解的我,就兴奋的阅读着各家的分析来学习这个漏洞的原理。虽然这些分析文章帮助我重现了这个漏洞的利用,并且貌似解释清楚了原理,但是,有一个问题我还是没有在这些文章中找出。 阅读全文 “Joomla反序列化漏洞的查漏补缺” »

Android WebView 远程执行代码漏洞浅析

在过去的一段时间里,WebView远程代码执行漏洞可以说是横扫了一大批的Android App,查询Wooyun平台可以得到大致的情况,鉴于很多存在漏洞的App并没有披露,因此WebVeiw远程执行代码漏洞的影响程度会更大。由于Google Android 系统碎片化程度很高,大量的Android系统无法得到及时有效地更新,这个漏洞目前依然在被利用。 阅读全文 “Android WebView 远程执行代码漏洞浅析” »