ISC BIND 9 Denial-of-Service Technical Analysis and Solution

Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) officially released a security advisory to announce a vulnerability (CVE-2016-2776) and its fixing. The vulnerability exists in buffer.c. When constructing a response packet for a specially crafted query request, BIND will encounter an assertion failure, causing the program to crash and therefore a denial of service.

【预警通稿】ISC BIND 9拒绝服务漏洞威胁

ISC互联网系统协会(Internet Systems Consortium)官网发布了一个安全通告,公布了编号为CVE-2016-2776的漏洞及其修复情况。该漏洞位于文件buffer.c中,当程序在为精心构造的查询请求构建响应时会遇到断言失败,导致程序崩溃,从而造成拒绝服务。