Dahua Cameras Unauthorized Access Vulnerability Technical Analysis and Solution

Recently, Dahua Technology, a well-known security camera and digital video recorder (DVR) vendor in China, released firmware updates to address a serious security issue in certain products. Before the vendor made an official statement on this issue, however, a security researcher named Bashis said that this vulnerability seemed to be a backdoor intentionally left by the vendor and so made his findings public without notifying Dahua in advance.

ElasticSearch Hit by Ransom Attack

Over 34,000 vulnerable MongoDB databases were hit by a ransom attack. Data were erased from these databases and ransoms were requested for returning data. Then on Jan 18th 2017, several hundreds of ElasticSearch servers were hit by a ransom attack within a few hours.

Hadoop Hit by Ransom Attack

Recently, some hacker organizations have turned their eyes to ransom attacks targeting certain products. As of last week, hacker organizations had taken control of and wiped data from at least 34,000 MongoDB databases, asking for a ransom to return the stolen files.

German Internet Outage on November 27 Technical Analysis and Solution

On November 27 (Sunday), at around 17:00 (local time), Deutsche Telekom was hit by a cyberattack, resulting in more than 900,000 routers getting disconnected, as confirmed by the company. The outage lasted several hours. Later, the problems continued on Monday morning from 08:00. Besides network access, the affected routers are used by Deutsche Telekom customers for fixed telephony and TV services.