Traceback Analysis of WannaCry Ransomware

Since May 12, 2017, WannaCry has spread on a massive scale around the world, causing significant impacts. Therefore, security firms start to analyze and prevent the spread of this ransomware. Technical personnel of NSFOCUS also analyzed the sample immediately and released a detailed analysis report.

Analysis Report on the WannaCry Sample

The sample exploits the ETERNALBLUE SMB vulnerability or DOUBLEPULSAR backdoor for propagation and infection of the ransomware. The sample first connects to the domain name, to test network connectivity. If the network is reachable, the sample exits; otherwise, the sample carries out subsequent behaviors. Therefore, a reachable domain name can be registered to stop further attacks.

2016 DDoS Threat Trend

In this report, we present a multi-dimensional analysis of DDoS attack data and botnet data and summarize and analyze typical attack events in 2016, revealing threats of DDoS attacks and the overall threat trend in 2016.