Apache Struts2 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (S2-045) Technical Analysis and Solution

Apache Struts2 is prone to a remote code execution vulnerability (CNNVD-201703-152) in the Jakarta Multipart parser plug-in. When uploading a file with this plug-in, an attacker could change the value of the Content-Type header field of an HTTP request to trigger this vulnerability, causing remote code execution.

【预警通告】Apache Struts2 远程代码执行漏洞 绿盟科技发布免费扫描工具及产品升级包

Apache Structs2的Jakarta Multipart parser插件存在远程代码执行漏洞,漏洞编号为CVE-2017-5638。攻击者可以在使用该插件上传文件时,修改HTTP请求头中的Content-Type值来触发该漏洞,导致远程执行代码。